Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A missed Meow Meow Monday

I did it again…missed Meow Meow Monday.  So here it is….I’m so ashamed…It’s Meow Meow Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kiss me under the Mistletoe….

I’ve done a few lingerie pieces these past few weeks and this is another one that I’m finding just perfect.  Sexy and classy, it shows just enough.  The sheerness of it makes things quite visible, enough to start those engines.  I’ve worn my hair just so, to make this post more modest, but trust me, this will start the fires of your partner!   Done by Nala Design and available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose, it comes with the slip you see and the black, fitted panties.  You may want to have this little thing packaged and wrapped for your love under your Christmas tree, Menorah, or however else you may celebrate this holiday season. 
Lingerie: Nala Design, FitMesh Designers Expose
Hair Adornment: Boudoir 
Hair: Truth
Pose: BonBon

Friday, December 15, 2017


Sexy.  Classy.  Ooo la la.  Those are the words I’d use to describe this wonderful lingerie piece by LiES Creations, available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose.  From it’s delicate lace skirt with satin trim, to the satiny bodice, with a classy peek of the breasts, it’s puuuuurfect.  Coming with a color hud of white or black, you have your chance to be either naughty or nice.  The Malina Lingerie by LiES Creations is one that every girl needs in their repertoire. 
Lingerie: LiES Creations, FitMesh Designers Expose
Hair: Lamb
Hair Accessory: [atooly]
Heels: Reign
Pose: Imeka


With so many sims this time of year featuring snowy, wintery scenes, this coat by Loordes of London can come in handy to fit in with these themes.  Available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose, Loordes of London has created the Cassani Car Coat, and it’s rich in it’s textures, colors and styling.  With it’s fur collar and cuffs, and the belted bow around the waist, it’s really quite charming.  It comes with a blouse that peaks out and is attached to the coat so there is no wearing it separate.  You have the option of this deep red with black accents, a lovely brown with tan accents, a black on black version, teal blue with brown accents and a deep brown with black accents.  At least one of these options will have you dressed well for those wintery sims this season. 
Coat: Loordes of London, FitMesh Designers Expose
Heels: Reign
Hair: Magika
Pose: Kirin
Location: Sea Whispers Island 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Frosty Snow Love

Everyone I’ve talked to lately is going crazy for all the hunts that are happening right now.  So many wonderful creators have put together some amazing items for these hunts and we’re so lucky they have.  One such creator is Inevitable Madness, who has put out this wonderful nail applier called, Snow Love, for the Fur-get Me Not Hunt .  It has this lovely, “frosty” blue color, accented with white.  And while it was made for our furry friends, she’s included appliers for Maitreya, Vista, Slink, Omega, Belleza and Glutz (Kemono Nails).  (It should be noted that the word “Love” is not able to be used on the Maitreya applier because of application issues on mesh.)  But, as you can see here, what IS available for Maitreya, looks amazing.  Get your hunt on and seek out this really cute nail applier!
Nail Applier: Inevitable Madness, Snow Love
Hair: Magika
Coat: Hilly Haalan
Collar: Real Evil
Pose: Kokoro Poses
Location: Sea Whispers Island

Meow Meow Monday...on Wednesday

Uh ohhhh, I missed Meow Meow Monday.  So here we are at Meow Meow WEDNESDAY!

A Season of Giving

It IS that season!  And in a season full of reds and greens, full ballgowns and dresses, it was such a refreshing surprise to come across this wonderful jumpsuit.  Not normally being a jumpsuit type girl, I had my doubts on how this would look, but let me be the first to say this is just amazing!  It’s the Clarice jumpsuit by Anny’s Fashion, available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose.  With it’s hud, you’re able to change the color of the sequined top; this lovely gold, along with a colorful iridescent, soft pink, purple, blue and green.  The texture of the top is outstanding-it shimmers in the light and looks very rich.  If you’re wanting something different and not the normal look of a dress for  your holiday parties, come see this outfit by Anny’s Fashion at the FitMesh Designers Expose. 
Jumpsuit: Anny’s Fashion, FitMesh Designers Expose
Heels: Reign
Hair: Lamb
Pose: Foxcity

Monday, December 11, 2017

Reindeer Games

Inevitable Madness has come out with some amazing eye shadows for the holidays and this is one of them.  Aptly named Candy Cane, this bit of awesomeness comes in four colors; red with white featured here,  purple with white, teal with white and green with white.  I find them perfect for fun, holiday pictures and glamming yourself up for a night out.  
Eye Shadow: Inevitable Madness, Candy Cane
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Outfit: Tay-Lay
Hair Adornment: Tay-Lay
Pose: Chisa Creation
Location: The Humburgs Christmas in the Mountains 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


When I want to go out on the town and do a formal night, I’m always on the hunt for a spectacular dress to not only look good in, but also to wow others with.  This formal dress does just that.  By GL Designs, and available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose, the Sofie dress is one of depth and detailed textures.  It offers colors in red (which I’m wearing here) along with black, blue and green.  The gold accent around the waist is sparkly rich, which makes it perfect for the Christmas season. The added gold accent flowing around the bust makes it so there is no need for a necklace.  A job well done in my opinion and certainly not one to miss.  
Dress: GL Sofie Dress, FitMesh Designers Expose
Hair: Blues
Pose: GingerFish Poses
Location: The Chamber 

Peek - a - Boo

Another wonderful nail applier by Inevitable Madness, this one called Peace On Earth!  It comes in this beautiful red, vibrant pink, green and turquoise. A real must for those who enjoy changing things up a bit with their nails.  They are really doing some great things at Inevitable Madness; I’d encourage you to check them out asap!
Nails: Inevitable Madness, Peace on Earth
Hair: Magika
Collar: Real Evil
Pose: Chisa Creation

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pretty Head

Well girls, I have found a dress for your holiday party needs!  This hot little number is by the fabulous GeMyles Couture!  Available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose, it comes with heels that are just as fabulous and a 32 color hud!  Yes, that’s THIRTY-TWO colors.  The pattern on this mini-dress is gorgeous and it features a laced, corset feature around the waist in the front; adding a little something different and special. It’s sexy and flirty, while adding class.  You can’t go wrong with it this Christmas season. 
Dress: GeMyles Couture, FitMesh Designers Expose
Heels: GeMyles Couture, FitMesh Designers Expose
Hair: Wasabi Pills
Pose: Say Cheese
Location: Port Babbage 

Friday, December 8, 2017

A little sparkle makes the world go 'round.

I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but I feel wonderful in this sweet little number!  By Moonlitecat Creations (MLCC), this dress, with it’s kaleidoscope of colors and sparkle was an amazing surprise!  And with the matching strappy boots?  It’s just simply marvelous!  A lovely, delicate ruffle feature spanning the front adds such a richness to the dress, it’s really hard to pass up.  Available now at the FitMesh Designers Expose, this is really one not to miss!
Dress & Boots: Moonlitecat Creations (MLCC), Fitmesh Designers Expose
Hair: Besom
Head Adornment: CMG
Rose Prop: LW Poses
Location: Whole Wheat 

If I Were a Portal

 Myles Harvy, Couture by Design has a release at the Girls Heaven event, the Emilia Chained dress.  Consisting of two pieces, the skirt adds...